Getting ready for October 24th’s Art Show

Getting ready for October 24th’s Art Show

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Anonymous said: someone else beat me to it, with asking about make up haha, what do you use? foundation wise? it seems you don't wear a lot of makeup but it looks naturally pretty!

Haha these make up questions make me feel funny. But thank you, that’s very nice.
I use Revlon Colorstay foundation, but very little and I apply it with a brush. I also use the Mac Studio Fix powder, I don’t like to glow ☺️

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Anonymous said: Your fat and your taste of music blows ass. Please kill yourself you ugly cunt.


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Anonymous said: Hey do u put glitter under ur eyes or is there a liner that u use? I like how u do ur makeup

Yes, it’s a liner! I use the Mac waterproof liquid liner on top, and NYX liners for the glitter and colors! They’re super cheap, only like $5 

Thanks for noticing ☺️

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Not all men are perverts

Said no one ever

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My Milfs 👅

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T. Rex “Mambo Sun”

Happy birthday, mister 💘

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2 people already made my day and it’s only 10am

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Saw Thee Oh Sees last night for free! Then an open bar with all these freaks💘 Thanks, Panda

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Taking a nap while popping a squat 😌

Taking a nap while popping a squat 😌

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